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Honeywish ↠ Warrior

on Wed Jun 07, 2017 11:54 pm

``we've been here so long``

name ↠ honeywish xxxxprevious names ↠ honey, honeypaw xxxx gender ↠ nb xxxx age ↠ 2 years
pronouns ↠ they/them xxxxpack ↠ timber eclipse xxxxrank ↠ warrior xxxxrank desired ↠ achieved

``but still i remember the rainy september``

height ↠ 25 in. xxxx weight ↠ 68 lbs. xxxx build ↠  short, but not slender, chubby and muscular
pelt ↠ orange and grey, very fluffy undercoat xxxxxxxxxx eyes ↠ vivid hazel, large and rounded

Honeywish is a small wolf, but it wouldn't be wise to mistake their lack of size for a lack of strength.
Underneath a thick, fluffy pelt of orange mixed with dark grey and brown, is a solidly built muscular
structure, covered in a thick, attractive layer of fat that helps protect from both the cold, and attacks
from other wolves. Their eyes are bright hazel; the main color being a light yellow, ringed on the out-
side with amber, and the inside with light green.

After paying attention to the way that they walk, it's clear to see that after long periods of physical
activity, such as a long patrol or border skirmish, their hips give them trouble. As a result of this,
their posture and stance tends to be a little off, with their legs tilting a little outward, and on the
worst days, they tend to limp instead of walk.

``contact. 2, 4, 1, 10. 2, 4, 1, 10.``

positive traits ↠ gentle , polite , friendly , faithful , modest , sensitive , proud , soft , sweet , playful
negative traits ↠ timid , gullible , lazy , clumsy , aloof , anxious , erratic , gloomy , impatient , messy

Honeywish is a gentle wolf, with a strong desire to help their Pack grow, although they prefer that
to be through hunting instead of fighting, finding it difficult to directly hurt any wolf, even one that
they've been ordered to attack. Althrough clever in their own right, Honeywish is a bit gullible. They
aren't very easily impressed, however, and tend to be more than a little skeptical of strangers. Their
strong distaste for battle has made it quite the necessity for them to learn how to talk their way out
of trouble, and they have a bit of a habit of manipulating their Packmates to get what they want out
of them.

``am i transmitting, is anyone listening? contact.``

kin ↠ deceased xxxx mates ↠ winterberry & moondust xxxx offspring ↠ none

A lot of Honeywish's past is a blur; the earliest memory they can recall clearly is the image of a fire,
and their pack fleeing from it.  Though they couldn't quite remember what they looked like, they knew
that they lost their parents in that fire. The survivors were few and far between. (this part is def a wip)

After joining Timber Eclipse Pack as a wolf of apprentice age, they trained for a while, and quickly
grew close with several wolves; Winterberry, Moondust and Foxheart. It didn't take long for them
to fall for the first two, and they're still very close friends with Foxheart to this day.

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