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Winterberry {Warrior}

on Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:23 pm

{ name } Winterpup Winterpaw Winterberry. { gender } Nb. { pronouns } They/them. { age } 2 years.
{ pack } Timber Eclipse. { rank } Warrior. { desired rank } Achieved.

{ height } 2'7". { weight } 70lbs. { build } Lean but muscular. { fur } White and gray, thick. { eyes } Amber.

Winterberry is a fairly average-sized wolf, though they appear rather thin due to their taller height. Most of their
weight is made up of lean muscle - it's rarely visible beneath the thick coat of fur, but they're well-built for
fighting. Their fur is primarily white in color, though darker gray markings stretch from their muzzle down their
back to the tip of their tail, as well as along the front side of their forelegs. Their eyes are a brilliant amber in

{ traits } Honest unless it benefits them to lie, loyal to those who they respect, fairly quiet but sharp-tongued,
protective, observant.
{ kin } Deceased. { mates } Honeywish, Moondust. { offspring } None.

Oftentimes the first impression others get of Winterberry is that they're fairly unkind, but that isn't quite accurate.
Winterberry has a sharp tongue but a kind heart - they remain quiet much of the time, observing the goings-on
around them, and only speak up if they have something to say that they feel is important. They're typically fairly
honest - unless lying gives them an advantage - and loyal to a fault - so long as you've earned their respect.
They tend to be rather protective of their friends and mates, as well.

Winterberry grew up with a fairly average life. They were born into the pack to two warriors, both of whom died
while they were fairly young. Their apprenticeship was nothing special aside from their excellence in fighting.
They took Honeywish as a mate shortly after becoming a warrior, and Moondust as well not long after.
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