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reworking character [LOUD AUTOMATIC MUSIC WARNING]

on Fri Jun 09, 2017 1:01 am

Shadows of the
Commonly goes by Heart, or Heartless

Basic Information

Heartless is reserved, and mostly is alone. She craves company but she does not understand how to make friends or communicate well enough. In her spare time, she is often found reading in a library, anywhere where she can find one.
Heartless was born in Europe, roughly 3,000 years ago. She has seen a lot of history develop from a young age to now. Surprised by her not even being killed her, Heartless had grew more cautious and afraid of those around her when she travels. From all she has learned from the day she was born to now, she had became an understanding, open minded person. While also being very caring and sympathetic, she knows when not to show her sympathy for people and to hide it. Due to all of her years of hiding, it had taught her that. However, due to this, she avoids some problems she does not feel she's strong enough to deal with. It's one of her major flaws in her personality, along with her anxiety and stubbornness.
But never doubt that she is a person that can be relied on, all of her friends mean a lot to her as she never had any before. She is very caring and does whatever she can for the Immortals, loving them dearly. They are the only people she is truly open to as they brought acceptance to her. Until the end of days, Heartless will protect the Immortals. When it comes to protecting the Immortals, Heartless can be seen as aggresive, proving her loyalty and love for them.
Heartless also loves affection from her family. She can often be found resting her head in her dragon form on people's laps or taking the young ones for rides. Just as she loves receiving affection, she too loves delivering it to people.

Born in Europe 3,000 years ago, Shadows of the Heartless was in a clan of dragons. The clan however was driven out of the mountain they inhibited by humans roughly 100 years after her birth. At that time, she had only looked like a small dragon still, the same size of a full grown buck. Due to her size, she found herself able to hide and get away from the slaughter the other dragons had soon found themselves involved in. She saw the horrors of how humans treated their kind. From skinning them, to plucking out their scales, and tearing out their talons. Those who were in their humanoid forms were left without their scales and bleeding from the places they were plucked out from. Terrorized by this event, she blended into a human civilization with a cloak that helped her hide her face. In the civilizations she stayed in, she read books and studied magic.


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