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Basic Forum Tutorial

on Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:58 am
For anyone without experience roleplaying on or using forums, this tutorial will cover the very basics of BBCode and some general pointers on how to write more lengthy, detailed roleplay responses. To see the information below, click on the numbered sentence.

BBCode Basics:

1. You can apply bold, italic, underline and strike throughs to your text:

To make your text bold, put [b] [/b] tags around your text [b]like this.[/b]
This is bold text.
To make your text italic, put [i] [/i] tags around your text [i]like this.[/i]
This is italic text.
To make your text underlined, put [u] [/u] tags around your text [u]like this.[/u]
This is underlined text.
To put a strike through your text, put [strike] [/strike] tags around your text [strike]like this.[/strike]
This is struck through text.

2. You can change where your text is aligned to - left, center, right, or justified:

To make your text left aligned (like the default), put [left] [/left] tags around it [left]like this.[/left]
This is left aligned text - it's the default, so you don't usually need to do it.
To make your text right aligned, put [right] [/right] tags around it [right]like this.[/right]
This text is aligned to the right side of the post.
To make your text centered, put [center] [/center] tags around it [center]like this.[/center]
This text is aligned to the center of the post.
To make your text justified, put [justify] [/justify] tags around it [justify]like this.[/justify]
This text is justified in the post, which means it has the same amount of space on the left and the right. It doesn't usually look any different from left aligned text, and may only have a different appearance when you have an entire paragraph or more of text.

3. You can make the text bigger or smaller, or change the color:

To make your text bigger or smaller, put [size=#] [/size] tags around it, [size=18]like this.[/size]
This text is bigger than normal. The default size is 16.
To change the color of your text, put [color=hex code] [/color] tags around it, [color=#FF0000]like this.[/color]
This text is red. To find the hex codes for basic colors, go to and enter the color name in the search bar, then click "get info".

4. You can also insert images and links:

To insert an image, right click on the picture and select 'Copy image address'. Then, paste it in between two [img] [/img] tags, like this: [img][/img]

To insert a link, first copy the link you want to insert (it can be found in the url bar at the top of your browser). Then, format it like this: [url=]this links to an image[/url].
this links to an image.

5. Finally, you can make lists of items:

To make a bullet list, you'll need to put your tags like this. First a [list] tag, and then a [*] tag in front of each item in the list, and finally a [/list] tag. Like this: [list][*]The first item in the list.
[*]The second item in the list.[/list]

  • This is a bullet list.
  • It can have as many list items as you want.
  • Make sure you put a tag in front of each item.
  • If you don't, the list will break.
  • Hit enter between each new list item, too.

You can also make a numbered list with a similar format. This time, the first tag will be [list=1], then a [*] tag in front of each item, and end with a [/list] tag. Like this: [list=1][*]The first item in the list.
[*]The second item in the list.[/list]

  1. This is a numbered list.
  2. It works the same as a bullet list.
  3. But it puts a number before each item.
  4. Don't forget to hit enter between new items.

6. You can also combine tags in lots of different ways:

For instance, you can make text that is bold, italic, and bigger than normal, [b][i][size=18]like this.[/size][/i][/b]
Combining those tags makes the text look like this.

Or you can make right-aligned red text, with a link in it, [right][color=#FF0000]by doing [url=]this.[/url][/color][/right]
Putting those tags together looks like this.
You can combine tags to do almost anything you need them to do.
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Re: Basic Forum Tutorial

on Wed Jun 07, 2017 4:53 am

Writing Tips:

1. Do your best to use proper grammar and punctuation:

While mistakes are easy to make, it helps to put a bit of extra effort into things like grammar when you're typing roleplay replies on a forum. This even includes simple things - always start your sentences with a capital letter and end them with some form of punctuation, capitalize the first person pronoun I, put quotation marks (" ") around your dialogue, and other similar things. Nobody expects you to be perfect, but do your best.

2. Check your spelling:

Another instance where mistakes are forgivable and nobody expects perfection, but it helps to put in some extra effort. Remember that spell check is your friend, but it can't always help you - for instance, spell check is unlikely to alert you if you confused different forms of their/they're/there. Therefore, make sure you proofread your posts for any obvious errors in addition to using a spell checker. (Google Chrome has one built in - it'll underline words red if they're spelled wrong.)

3. Pick a person and tense and stick with it:

On VFK, roleplay is typically done in first person, present tense. "I go to the store." On forums, it's suggested to use either third person, past tense ("She went to the store.") or first person, past tense ("I went to the store."). Whichever you choose, the most important thing is that you stay consistent. If you decide to write in third person, don't start using first person in the middle of your post.

4. Add some extra detail into your replies:

VFK is very visual based, with rooms serving as aids that tell you where objects are and where you are in the room. However, on a forum, you have to describe those things for yourself. Detail is good, but don't use too much - it's good to describe the color and appearance of objects, but you don't need to go into detail about something like the wood grain on a table unless it's important to the story.

5. Never control someone else's character without permission:

While it can be fun to rush ahead in the roleplay to get to the good parts, it's really important that you don't control anyone else's character. Never say that a character that belongs to somebody else did something, or went somewhere, or said something unless they've given you out of character permission to do so. This especially applies to things like fighting - it's okay to say you tried to bite someone's shoulder, but you can't decide whether or not you actually did.

6. You can't succeed at everything:

Along the same lines, remember that nobody is perfect and you can't succeed or win at everything you do. Therefore, neither can your characters. Sometimes you'll fail to catch a piece of prey, or lose in a fight, or not get a training move correct right away, and that's okay. Failing isn't bad, it's just an opportunity to learn. So when you're roleplaying, make sure you don't always do that thing you tried to do. It adds some realism and gives you the opportunity to motivate your character to try harder.

7. In character stays in character:

Do your best not to cross the lines between in character and out of character. Just because you know the name of somebody's character, doesn't mean your character knows it! Sometimes your character has to learn things in character even if you already know them. Similarly, just because your character is in a fight with somebody else's doesn't mean you should start a fight with that person. Leave the drama to the characters.

8. Try to make your replies a bit longer:

Obviously there isn't always a whole lot to do or say in a certain part of a roleplay, but you should still try your hardest to make your replies more than a couple of sentences long. It's generally suggested to have at least one paragraph for a roleplay reply on a forum - that's around 4-6 sentences. Less is okay if you can't think of anything to add, but it strengthens your writing skills to aim for more.
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